The Beginning

Mirage Art Gallery was a Dream and a Vision – A Dream of creating an exquisite place to display art in its many forms; and a Vision of creating a platform, not only for showcasing the works of past and present masters, but also that of talented and semi-renowned artists who have been working with a lot of heart and passion in the circuit for some time.

The dreamer, Mr Sandip Somani, converted this dream to reality in 2011. Mirage Art Gallery came up in the first floor of 701 Block P, New Alipore in the city of Kolkata – The Cultural Capital of India.


Mirage Art Gallery has been established with the mission of generating, sustaining and developing people’s interest in art and creativity.

The fundamental thought behind the gallery is to discover, appreciate and encourage young, talented artists by recognizing their work and providing a global platform to display their talents.

Mr. Sandip Somani has dared to venture into a road less travelled, by showcasing the works of young budding talents – besides displaying the peerless works of the giants of the artistic diaspora – not only from the Indian soil but from all around the globe.


The most striking feature of Mirage is its unique endeavour of showcasing the art of young and upcoming talent, which according to us is of paramount importance. The Gallery takes pride on being associated with the best of skills, vision, imagination and execution.

The Gallery does not restrict itself to a single genre of art and strives to create a mark in the realms of Paintings, Sculptures, Drawings, Digital Arts and Photography – bringing together the MODERN, the CONTEMPORARY, the ABSTRACT and the EXPERIMENTAL forms.

In providing a space that upholds the dignity and validity of this diversity, the Gallery desires to fulfill what it believes to be an integral part of its social and creative responsibility.

Way Ahead

Mirage art gallery aims to be one of the most dynamic and unique art galleries with its novel ideas and approach towards art – and thus evolve into an important arena for artistic display.

The Gallery has exhibited the works of some of the leading artists of the country like M.F. Husain, S.H. Raza, Ram Kumar, V.S. Gaitonde & Krishen Khanna of the Progressive Artists Group to Ganesh Pyne, Dhiraj Choudhury, Jogen Chowdhury, Samir Aich, Rabin Mondal, Paritosh Sen, Prokash Karmakar, Wasim Kapoor & Subrata Gangopadhyay of Bengal to name a few.

Mirage Art Gallery also believes in social responsibility – hence time & again have donated paintings for various charitable purposes.

Key Members

Owner - Sandip Somani

Sandip Somani


Born on 7th August, 1974, Mr. Sandip Somani, an MBA in Marketing Management & Post Graduate in Commerce, is a man of multiple talents & versatility. After completing his schooling from Birla High School (formerly Hindi High School), and graduation from Bhawanipur Gujarati Education Society, Kolkata, he started his career as an employee but soon evolved as a multifaceted, self-motivated, global entrepreneur.

He is the owner of SANVIN ENTERPRISES dealing in export of Sports Fishing Equipments. He is also a partner and C.E.O. of Rajshree Stonez which is concerned with stone mining and global export of the same. Besides, he is also involved in the export and import of construction materials specifically from China and Vietnam.

In the years to come, he is aiming to spread his influence into other ventures, and Mirage Art Gallery, which is actually the revelation of a long cherished dream, is just a stepping stone towards this entirely novel beginning.

Gallery Administrator - Rinki Banerjee

Rinki Banerjee

Gallery Administrator

Rinki Banerjee (b.1990) has been an avid art lover and admirer since childhood. Graduating with English made her Artistic faculties more wide, helping her to appreciate the works of painters & sculptors from a critical angle and point of view.

Literature & Art go hand in hand, as both studies the ‘SELF’. For Rinki, the art of painting is neither momentary not stable, but is a process of continuous happenings over a period of time.

As the gallery’s Art Coordinator, she is able to study, learn, appreciate and interact with the Artists, the different styles and genres of paintings, and above all learning more about each & every individual artist the gallery represents, apart from managing the entire workings of the gallery.

Her love for art, literature & realistic paintings have nurtured her creative sides and helped her grow as an individual, and on the other hand has simultaneously helped the gallery grow as an institution.